We offers sales and use tax services to business operating in every applicable state.

Preparing Sales Tax Return

Sales & Use Tax Returns

We prepare and file sales and use tax returns for each state in which you are required to file.

Sales & Use Tax Audits

We can represent you for sales and use tax audits for any state in which you are being audited.Sale &  Use Tax Audits

Sales & Use Tax Reverse Audits

  1. We perform reverse sales and use tax audits to identify, quantify, and document any possible overpayments you made to vendors and to taxing jurisdictions.
  2. We assist in requesting a refund of any sales and use tax overpayments you paid.

Sales Tax Refund

Sales & Use Tax Planning

Tax Planning
We assist with sales and use tax planning.

Our sales and use tax planning service may be beneficial:

  • If you plan to enter new markets
  • If you changing your business / corporate structure
  • If you acquire or merge with another company / business
  • If you are selling a portion of your business