Sign of Payroll Taxes
We offer payroll and payroll tax services in the following areas:

Federal Payroll Tax Reporting

  • IRS Form 941: We prepare and file quarterly payroll tax reports.
  • IRS Form 940: We prepare and file your FUTA tax report.
  • IRS Form 944: We prepare and file your employer’s annual federal tax return, if required.
  • IRS Form W3: We prepare and file your federal wage and salary reports.
  • IRS Form W2: We issue Form W2 to all of your employees.
  • IRS Withholdings: We calculate and provide to you all employer and employee withholdings that you are required to pay.

Multi-State Payroll Tax Services

We can assist you with payroll tax reporting in any state that you are required to file.

US map with state initials

Salaries For Owners & Officers

For owners and officers of companies, we assist in determining salaries, preparing and filing payroll tax returns for officer salaries.

For owners, officers and closely held companies, there a several important factors to considering when establishing salaries such as:

  • Net profits before officer’s salaries
  • Retirement plan contribution requirements
  • Payroll taxes versus corporate income taxes
  • Personal income taxes versus payroll taxes (for flow-through entities)
  • IRS reasonable salary requirements for S-Corproations
  • Health insurance premium deduction requirements for S-Corporations
  • Dividends versus Form W2 compensation

Officer Salary

Employee Payroll Services

We provide payroll services for both business employees and household employees.
Employee with paycheck

New Hire Documentation & Filing

We assist with preparation and filing of federal and state paperwork for the hiring of new employees.

New Hire Files

Payroll Tax Audits

IRS Payroll Tax Audits

We assist in responding and defending employers with IRS payroll tax audits.

State Payroll Tax Audits

We assist in responding and defending employers with state payroll tax audits.

Payroll Audits

IRS Form 1099 & Form 1096

  • IRS Form 1099’s–We prepare and issue IRS Form 1099’s to your vendors.
  • IRS Form 1096’s–We prepare and file IRS Form 1096 for you.
Form 1099 Checkbox

Yes, we prepare and file payroll tax reports with the federal government and for any states for which you may be required to file.
We can assist with owners, officers and workers’ salaries for your business.
For your federal and/or state payroll tax audits, we can represent you in the audit and assist you with your defense.
We can assist you with your federal and state governmental reporting for new employee hiring.
TWe can assist you with meeting your IRS Form 1099 issuing requirements, along with filing your IRS Form 1096.