Egg Representing Estate Taxes
We offers estate tax assistance to individuals, families, heirs, and attorneys in the following areas:

  • Estate Tax Returns (federal & state)
  • Estate Planning
  • Estate Administration
  • Probate Support

Estate Tax Returns

Estate Tax Returns

We prepare and file estate tax returns for your federal and each state in which you are required to file.

Federal Estate Tax Return (IRS Form 706)

We prepare the federal estate tax returns (IRS Form 706) for you.

State Estate Tax Return(s)

We prepare state estate tax returns for each state that you are required to file a return.

For a list of state with estate tax return requirements and their filing exemptions, please click the link to our our blog post, “2015 States Taxing Estates”

Estate Planning

Estate Planning

We develop an estate plan for you that will provide you with the best structure to protect your assets while paying the least amount of taxes possible.

We work with you directly. Or, we can assist your attorneys, financial advisors, insurance agents, and other service providers. In case you don’t have a team, we have other professionals we work with including attorneys, financial planners, financial advisors, and insurance agents.

Some of the tools and instruments used in estate planning includes:

  • Trusts (Various Types)
  • Annuities
  • Family Limited Partnerships (FLP’s)
  • Limited Liability Companies (LLC’s)
  • Wills
  • Gift Giving
  • Private Foundations
  • Insurances
  • Domicile Selection (residing in tax favorable states)

We analyze your situation to customize an estate plan that make sense for you.

Estate Planning Time

Estate Administrator

Estate Administration

We help individuals, trustees, beneficiaries, heirs, executors, and attorneys with administrating an estate.

We assist in the following areas:

  1. Information Collection: We collect all necessary information of the estate.
  2. Asset Collection: We take inventory of the estate’s assets.
  3. Liability Collection: We identify and list the estate’s liabilities.
  4. Asset Segregation: We segregate the estate’s assets.
  5. Probate Reporting: We assist in preparing all reports required for probate, if necessary.
  6. Tax Return Preparation: We prepare all required tax returns such as estate tax returns, decedent’s final return, trust returns and any business returns.
  7. Asset Distribution: We assist you with when, how, and what assets to distribute.

Probate Support

We help individuals, families, and attorneys with the probate process by offering support in the following areas:

Our sales and use tax planning service may be beneficial:

  • Personal Representative: We assist and coach personal representatives with serving their fiduciary role.
  • Probate Accounting: We provide accounting for the estate and prepare all financial reports required by the courts.
  • Other Probate Filings: We assist personal representatives and attorney with preparing and schedules, exhibits, and/or court request for information.
  • Contested Probate: We can asset in defending or bring a claim in contested probates.

Probate Process